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Owner: Kori

United States

Julia has found her new family in MICHAGAN. She is doing great and her new family love her a lot:) -post from February 2019
HI from Julia , isn´t she cute?:):):)-a new post from MAY 2019

31. 05. 2019

Owner: Robin

United States

She is a ball of energy. She’s fun to play with and watch as she explores our house.

23. 05. 2019

Owner: Anna

United States

So sweet and happy puppy -that´s our Delfie . She has already being a part of her new family in HOUSTON.

19. 05. 2019

Owner: Dominique

United States

She is so perfect! ❤️ we love her so much. Everywhere we go people just love her. Thank you so much! We tell everyone where we got her and how great it was getting her from you. Hopefully you’ll be sending more puppies to Atlanta soon!

17. 05. 2019

Owner: Ariana

United States

Baby STELLA and her new family in BOSTON area. Welcoming pictures at the airport, she has arrived safety and she is doing great.

15. 05. 2019

Owner: Victoria

United States

DIESEL and his new friend in North Carolina. DIESEL is a healthy, fun and silly French Bulldog puppy and for sure he is a perfect new family member.THANK YOU!!!

15. 05. 2019

Owner: Gabrielle

United States

Look at the our sweet girl DEBBIE. She has just arrived to her new home. She is adapting very well. THANK YOU!!

14. 05. 2019

Owner: Ashley

United States

Friendly and curious - that´s the baby Sam -our fantastic little French Bulldogs. He found his new family in BOSTON. He is doing very well and we are happy for him.

14. 05. 2019

Owner: Susan

United States

NEW YORK NEW YORK-that´s the new home of our baby girl DORA. She is such a positive, happy girl, and the most joyful pup.

14. 05. 2019

Owner: Cassandra

United States

The new home of our Dee is on the west coast near the Seattle! She is doing great and she makes everyone happy.

13. 05. 2019

Owner: Tina

United States

Leo and his new family in COLORADO! It´s still cold up there, but he gets warm by his new buddies. He adapted very well and the family loves him so much. We are very happy for him!!!

25. 04. 2019

Owner: Kristen

United States

Our baby girl Dolly has arrived to her new loving family in ATLANTA, She is doing great and she is happy healthy puppy. THANKS so much:)

24. 04. 2019

Owner: Jorge

United States

Bacardi has found her new home in TEXAS. Her new family has got two puppies Moose and Maggie from us already. They play together and they make their new family happy:)

24. 04. 2019

Owner: Michelle

United States

Another family that has got one more puppy from us!!! Beautiful Annie is enjoying her new home in Texas. She is doing pretty good. She has a doggy friend there and also the new caring family.Thank you!!!

22. 04. 2019

Owner: Jorge

United States

Moose and his sister Maggie as well as Kiara and Krystal have found their new families in Texas. All of them are doing great :)

01. 04. 2019

Owner: Terence

United States

Alls great with Keiko, she went to her Vet and got great report, she got lots of kisses in doctors office.

01. 04. 2019

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