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Owner: Jorge

United States

Bacardi has found her new home in TEXAS. Her new family has got two puppies Moose and Maggie from us already. They play together and they make their new family happy:)

24. 04. 2019

Owner: Michelle

United States

Another family that has got one more puppy from us!!! Beautiful Annie is enjoying her new home in Texas. She is doing pretty good. She has a doggy friend there and also the new caring family.Thank you!!!

22. 04. 2019

Owner: Jorge

United States

Moose and his sister Maggie as well as Kiara and Krystal have found their new families in Texas. All of them are doing great :)

01. 04. 2019

Owner: Katherine

United States

Jolly and his new buddy in Massachusetts! Look at them! They play together all day long. We are so happy for our merle baby boy Jolly.

29. 03. 2019

Owner: Ali

United States

Willy and his new family in Annapolis. He is so adorable and the whole family love him!!!

29. 03. 2019

Owner: Anthony

United States

Milly has found her new home in New York! She is a happy active little girl. Her new owner takes her for a walk all around . We are very happy for her!

28. 03. 2019

Owner: Charity K

United States

Sunny Florida is the new home of our Glooby. Her new family are very thankful for her. Thy just love her! she is great with the kids.

28. 03. 2019

Owner: Dominique

United States

Nella is absolutely perfect!!! I couldn’t be happier. She is so calm and sweet. She loves everyone and so far has had no accidents so far!
She got a perfect bill of health!

28. 03. 2019

Owner: Krystlena

United States

Hey!!! Yes everything is great Laila is very calm and relaxed! She’s a great dog! I’ll send you some pics now.
Yes she’s so so good very calm and sweet!!!

27. 03. 2019

Owner: Crystal

United States

Misha has arrived! We are waiting for more pictures of. She is doing great. Thank you!!!

24. 03. 2019

Owner: Keegan

United States

last update-St. Patrick´s celebration! Morgan in her lovely green outfit:)

We have our beautiful baby girl!!!!She is perfect! Baby girl is doing good, her brother Captain is slowly warming up to her. We love her and so does brother Captain.

23. 03. 2019

Owner: Florence


Canada is the new home country for our Olaf. Hes´s got a warm clothes to keep him warm!

21. 03. 2019

Owner: Kayla

United States

Happy family from Indiana and so our baby girl Nadia- the blue french girl.

19. 03. 2019

Owner: Audrianna

United States

Our Leny is enjoying his new family in California. He has got his first experience at the beach already. Kids just love him:)

12. 03. 2019

Owner: Nicole

United States

The vet couldn't believe how perfect she is. Her health, her coat is so soft and shiny, her bones. She is perfect- such a cuddler.
Thank you so much to Nina´s new family !!

11. 03. 2019

Owner: Matthew

United States

Winni on his way from the Dulles international airport to his new family in North Caroline:)

11. 03. 2019

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