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Owner: Kristin

United States

Jill is doing pretty good in her new family in Maryland. She is well socialized. She hasn’t met anyone she doesn’t like so far. She likes the kids the most, loves chasing after them and gets so excited to see them when they get home from school.We a

24. 01. 2019

Owner: Beverly

United States

Baby boy CANON has just arrived to his new home in Mississippi.He is doing very well and his new family is so excited about him.

23. 01. 2019

Owner: Brent

United States

Our baby boy EWO-LOVIE found his perfect family in Boston area. Look at pictures! He is so happy and his new family love him sooo much)

22. 01. 2019

Owner: Chris

United States

CALVIN has found his new family in Georgia. He has done is first shopping already:) His new family loves him so much. Thank you.

22. 01. 2019

Owner: Victor

United States

Casper is having so much fun with all his new toys. We are very happy for him. Thank you Victor!!!

22. 01. 2019

Owner: Jerod

United States

Our ELEN became a family member of Jared´s and Bret´s family. They have got from us a puppy EWO-LUI already. Two our puppies -one city-one family!!!

17. 01. 2019

Owner: Amanda

United States

Merle puppy boy Monty has found his new family in state Washington.
He is already enjoying his new doggy mommy:) She caries him to show him around!
We are very happy for him :)

16. 01. 2019

Owner: Iris

United States

Puppies are doing great so far! They are getting a lot if attention with all the family visiting for holidays!
Thank so much! They are all so beautiful and unique personalities!

10. 01. 2019


United States

Lovely baby girl TRACY lives in Philadelphia area with her new family. Everybody loves her!! She is an amazing puppy. THANK YOU!!!

10. 01. 2019

Owner: Charles

United States

Here are some updated pictures of Miss Gaia! She’s doing great. She’s still lazy and sleeps all day. Haha she has her playful moments though and loves to wrestle and chase our son around! They are buddies. You will find her napping pretty much anywhe

09. 01. 2019

Owner: Michelle

United States

Perfect loving family in Virginia-that´s the new home of our Paul. He is busy all day with his two buddies.

09. 01. 2019

Owner: Julia

United States

Zack and his new family in Florida. Three kids are being surprised by their new puppy:)
he is doing very well and everybody just love him!

08. 01. 2019

Owner: Charity K

Our three puppies have found their new family in Georgia. All three of them are doing great. Thank you Charity !We cant wait for some new pictures or videos of these little cuties:)

05. 01. 2019

Owner: Krystal

United States

Zaffa has found her new home in state Washington. She is a great puppy and she loves to play with the kids. We are so happy for our baby Zaffa:)

05. 01. 2019

Owner: Ashley

United States

Here are some new pictures of our baby Ameli! She has spent her first Christmas with her new family and her doggy brother:)
Baby girl Ameli found to her new family in Minnesota. Its getting cold there so she has got her new warm clothes:) She lo

04. 01. 2019

Owner: Sabreena

United States

Paxy and her new family in Boston. She is a little baby princess and she loved to posed..under the Christmas tree:)

03. 01. 2019

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