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Owner: Ethan

United States

Look at this handsome boy. He is soo perfect. Felon has found his new family in Boston. Thank you so much for the coll picture from your barber shop.

09. 01. 2020

Owner: Diane

United States

HI from L.A. from little boy KLARK. He is doing great and his new family love him. THANK YOU!!!

09. 01. 2020

Owner: Marc

United States

Karra Bella joined us on the 20th of Decemb. and has totally settled into her new home and family and brother and sister doggies. She is such a sweet puppy with plenty of love to spread around,

09. 01. 2020

Owner: Kerry

United States

Hey,look who is in a Christmas mood? Its Elzie, our blue baby girl !!! She have found her new family in Boston. They took her for the first visit to Florida to see her doggy cousin:)

02. 12. 2019

Owner: JANNA

United States

Who is this little frenchie model? Yes, it´s a girl!! It´s Summer alias Oakley in the Washington state. She is very happy to be a part of her new family!

14. 10. 2019

Owner: Liane

United States

Sasha and her new family in Boston area! Look at this awesome pictures:) She is the loveliest, happiest and friendliest little girl:)

13. 10. 2019

Owner: Karen

United States

No words needed for these awesome pictures of Vixen. She found her new family in ATLANTA area . Everyone loves her,She is just a happy little girl:)

10. 10. 2019

Owner: Kori

United States

Julia has found her new family in MICHIGAN. She is doing great and her new family love her:) -post from FEB.2019
HI from Julia , isn´t she cute?:):):)-a new post from MAY 2019.
I am big girl , looking pretty good:)- another new message from Julia

26. 09. 2019

Owner: Nigel

United States

Huncho fond his new family a year ago in New York city! He is a fantastic handsome boy. He travels a lot ..USA, EUROPE:) ..such a happy life!

05. 09. 2019

Owner: Ashley

United States

New greatings from SAM from Boston:)
Friendly and curious - that´s the baby Sam -our fantastic little French Bulldogs. He found his new family in BOSTON. He is doing very well and we are happy for him.

29. 07. 2019

Owner: sheryl

United States

We love her ,thank you so much we have all paperwork . We will keep in touch with Linda and have Gigi and Gaston see each other they are a great family for Gaston.
GiGi is the most precious.Thank you again for all you do. Sending us so much love❣️

24. 06. 2019

Owner: LISA

United States

Happy funny and so energetic baby girl Koree:)Thanks for her!

22. 06. 2019

Owner: Lisa

United States

ZEUS and his new family in state Washington. He has arrived safe. He is soo adorable and cute. THANK YOU!!!!

22. 06. 2019

Owner: Lisa

United States

ZEILA is a gougers puppy,so cute and pretty:)She has the sweetest face!

21. 06. 2019

Owner: Lisa

United States

Kale and his new family in SEATTLE. He is such great with kids:) He loves to play a chase around.

20. 06. 2019

Owner: Robin

United States

She is a ball of energy. She’s fun to play with and watch as she explores our house.

23. 05. 2019

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