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Owner: Veronica

United States

Don´t say that you are not in love with this little puppy. :) Its new family :)


Owner: Vanessa

United States

Spoiled happy puppy in TEXAS ..she just love to be with children :)


Owner: Rasmey

United States

I got my Ivy  she stole my heart:) She is sooooo energetic! We played all day yesterday and she didn’t take any naps. But she ended up sleeping with me on the bed last night.


Owner: Sared

United States

We picked him up yesterday , everything went well he is so beautiful we already love him he is full of energy  and loves his new home he slept fine all night in his crate  thank you so much for everything we are very happy to have him with us.Thank y


Owner: Rhonda

United States

Adorable blue girl with beautiful name Elli blue has fond her new family in FLORIDA:)She is doing very well. She is being also great friend for the little girl. They love each other:)

Elly Blue

Owner: Brooke

United States

Thank you for him! We love him! Our big boy! Lol. I have him all safe and sound! Adjusting well! I think it helps having a sibling!


Owner: Fatima

United States

We are in absolute love  with him!

We love him he is too too perfect I have never met a French bulldog calm cool and collective as him our only issue we have with him is potty training but overall we can deal with that! He’s an angel and too good


Owner: Evelyn

United States

Lexo is doing very well .He is such a great dog. He gets so much love fro his new family.They can't imagine their lives without him!! He found his new loving family in New York city:)


Owner: Mehtap


Alles gut mit dem Welpen. Wir sind viel draußen. Und sie ist sehr verspielt.


Owner: Pokaluk


Faclo is enjoying his new family in Germany. They took him for his first vacation with them. Everybody are happy and that makes us happy too:)


Owner: Melissa


Sie lebt sich schon sehr gut ein bei uns:)
Ihr geht es gut :)


Owner: Katherine

Dajan and his new doggy friend in New Hampshire. Aren`t they cute together? We so happy for Dajan:)


Owner: Erna


Bler is doing great in his new environment. The children love him. He is a good boy. He is a little angel for us.


Owner: Uta


Abas is very good and grew up, very playful and happy. We are so glad that we has got him from you. He is a very good company for my children. Thank you!


Owner: Jennifer


Miyuki geht es gut!
Sie spielt mit anderen kleinen Hunden. Vor großen Hunden hat sie ein bisschen Angst. Kinder liebt sie und spielt mit allen. Sie bellt und sagt Bescheid wenn fremde kommen. Alles super:)


Owner: Silke


Sally fühlt sich Pudelwohl. Sie spielt den ganzen Tag. Sie Jagd die Katzen um mit ihnen zu spielen.


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