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Owner: crystal

United States

We are very proud of our boy Sir. Greyson. He is very handsome and he loves to pose:)
He found his new loving and wonderful family in New Jersey.

13. 11. 2018

Owner: Karen

United States

Thank you very much he is a very beautiful boy.Goldy has arrived safely with all his paperwork toAtlanta.

09. 11. 2018

Owner: Jermaine

United States

Sweet baby girl Adele and her new family in TEXAS. She is happy and so the new family is:)

08. 11. 2018

Owner: Elizabeth

United States

Saxo arrived to his new family in state Maryland. He`s got a bit tired after his flight but he is doing great now. He loves to be hold:) THANK YOU!!

05. 11. 2018

Owner: Michael

United States

Stella is enjoying her new home in sunny Florida. Just wanted to say thank you to From Family to Family for being so patient and understanding throughout the process. Stella was everything we wanted in a French Bulldog. The price and quality of his b

04. 11. 2018

Owner: Carolina

United States

Rolex is so cute and the whole family loves him:) He found his new family in Delaware.

02. 11. 2018

Owner: Erika

United States

Alina arrived to her family in NY. They are very happy and they took her to the pet store for shopping. She has got new toys :)THANKS!!!!!

01. 11. 2018

Owner: Brad

United States

Here she is -Chicago diva:) She is very busy with her new friends in her new loving family in Chicago! She keeps children very busy and together they are perfect playmates.

20. 10. 2018

Owner: Lauren

United States

Texas is the homeland for our LEA -frenchie puppy.She is doing very well in her new family a they are very happy to have her . She makes them happy and she loves to run in their big garden.

17. 10. 2018

Owner: Iris

United States

Yes! We love them! So adorable...we r driving back home...has to stop at pet store...they were running around and did well on a leash. We bought them little sweaters since it is starting to get cold cute! I just wanted to say THANK YOU so

16. 10. 2018

Owner: Rayani

United States

Emma has found her perfect family in South Carolina. She has two buddies to play with.She is doing very well and we are so happy for her:)

04. 10. 2018

Owner: Crystal

United States

We’re great! Bently Lee is healthy and growing! He still lives to cuddle and Avery is loving having a playmate.

28. 09. 2018

Owner: Brittany

United States

Happy puppy -our sweet girl Essy is enjoying her new caring and loving family in TEXAS:)
She arrived safe and she loves her new sister as well she loves Essy.

26. 09. 2018

Owner: Brittany

United States

We got the puppies!! Thank you so very much Eva! They are perfect. We couldn’t be more happy .

Frankie and Bentley are going wonderful! They are eating, peeing and pooping well. We took them to the vet two days after we got them and there check up

24. 09. 2018

Owner: Brett

United States

Eagel is getting familiar in his new home. He looks very confi and his new family love him already so much. We are very happy for him:)

24. 09. 2018

Owner: Jonna R

United States

Jasmine is adorable cute little girl that makes his new family happy and keeps their smiles every day.

17. 09. 2018

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